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Our mandate is to provide the public and science community with internet access to high definition interactive 3D scans of entomological specimens from BC and around the world. Each item in our collection can be rotated up/down/left/right, zoomed-in on, and measured. It's like have access to a lab microscope in your livingroom... but better!

Our focus is to make interactive imagery so engaging that general public understands and then cares about nature and its hidden treasures. It gets kids excitted and engage so they go outside. We accomplish our goals by bridging the knowledge gap that keeps the public from reading scientific papers and research. We make it fun to learn in three important ways:

  Peak interest so the learning process can begin
  Simplify terms so the learning process continues
  Self directed and engaging so learning is fixed

Kids and the public have the ability to understand the concepts of how and why, with difficult terminology simply defined. So we reduce the challenge that keeps most people from even beginning the learning process.

How Effective is BlackHole Collections?

What we do and why we do it

We are leaders in developing electronic presentation, outreach, and education tools that bring emotion, clarity, and engagement to the conversation. By enabling more collaboration between colleagues, students, and those government officials responsible for funding allocations. We hope to enable citizen-scientists to assist surveying invasive species. We do it to make the world can be a better place.

How We're Funded

Every dollar you donate to BlackHole Collections goes directly towards activities involving scanning more insects and accomplishing BlackHole Collections mission. Our chief directive is to scan and make available as many insects as we can on-line. BlackHole Collections shares its philosophy with other not for profit organizations. We build our future vision around nature, the environment and the community. BlackHole Collections is primarily funded through the on-going support of our members, and special donations directly for operational costs . We also raise funds through corporate sponsors, grants, foundations and ads. We are incredibly thankful for the support that has enabled us to do this work and share it with the world.

Getting in Contact With Us

We are grateful to be in a central position to help change a small part of the world.
Thank-you all who have supported us, or are planning to support us.
You have played a pivitol role in that change.

Email new tool or imaging requirements to:

Scanning inquiries or general questions:

To discuss options call us at: 1-800-747-9109

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