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About Blackhole Collections

Our mandate is to provide the public and science community with internet access to interactive Entomological specimens from BC and around the world. Each item in our collection can be rotated up/down/left/right, zoomed-in on, and measured in any direction.

Our focus is to make interactive imagery so engaging that general public understands and then cares about nature and its hidden treasures. We accomplish our goals by bridging the vocabulary knowledge gap that keeps the public from reading scientific papers and research. The public has the ability to understand the concepts of how and why, but the difficult "Entomological Terminology" has kept most people from beginning the learning process. We are grateful to be in a central position to help change a small part of the world.

Leading developers of electronic presentation, outreach, and education tools that bring emotion, clarity, and engagement to the conversation. Collaborate with colleagues, students, and those government officials responsible for funding allocations. In a world of budget-cuts, enable citizen-scientists to assist surveying invasive species. Provide world-wide access to your most sensitive specimens. We truly help you to Communicate, Educate, and Persuade more effectively.

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