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Membership promotes an interest in nature and a future in the sciences.





  • Membership actually helps kids get off their computer and into the backyard to find what they saw.
  • Expose your nephew to nature in a way that promotes analytical thinking in a future career.
  • Your grandson will truly excel when they have access to this type of learning.
  • So sign up you favorite kid for Christmas, their birthday or just because....

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Membership Packages
Coolest Insects
Everyday Insects  
All Our Insects      
Mail In Specimen    
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Your son or daughter can visit our Insect Collection and be blown away with the most interesting insects ever. "They are amazing! It's so cool mom". The kids will find themselves comparing insects to their favorite aliens on television or in the movies.
Coolest Insects : This collection has been specially designed with your child in mind. It is for the pure enjoyment of discovery with some of the most interesting and different insects to look at.

Everyday Insects: You need this collection if you want to see what a family of bugs looks like and read a bit about each one. Locate "Horsefly" and your son will be able to see all the different sorts of horseflies in the collections.

All Our Insects: This collections contains, the good, the bad and the ugly! Everything we have ever scanned goes here. It's comprehensive and perfect for your budding little scientist.

Mail in Specimen: Your little naturalist will love you forever if you upgrade them to include this option. This allows your son or daughter to send in their very own bug to be scanned! We track, and email them when their bug has been successfully digitized. It's something your children can feel extremely proud of as they show their friends what they found.

Why Become a Member?

An interest in biology at an early age can lead to a career path in science like engineering or medicine.

And it gets your kids outside!

Benefits of Membership

Access to even more bugs
Learning tools
Get a bug scanned
Bug identification
Show off your expertise
Important part of community

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