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Are you a kid who wants to be a scientist when you grow up? How about a biologist, or even an engineer? Then this is perfect for you! It's main focus, cool bugs to look at. There are more bugs added to the collections every day. So sign up today and don't miss a single thing!

  • See super cool insects you never even knew existed.
  • Be amazed at how much they look like some of your favorite aliens in the movies or TV.
  • You can learn to find insects right in your backyard.
  • You can rotate, zoom and even measure to learn what makes them so amazing!
  • You can even become a certified bug hunter and help support us so we can scan even more cool bugs for you to look at.

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Kids, sign up today so you can visit our Coolest Insect Collection and be blown away with amazingly cool insects! You'll find yourself thinking how much they look like aliens in the movies.
Coolest Insects : Kids, you'll love this collection because it contains our most interesting insects. You'll find yourself saying, "Cooooool, this guy looks just like a cross between a kangaroo and an antelope". It exists for your pure enjoyment of looking at insects and seeing how neat they really are; then telling your friends all about your coolest discovery!

Everyday Insects: Are you more interested in learning about each family of insects? Then you will absolutely what to include this collection in your membership. It has more stuff to read about a family of bugs.

All Our Insects: Calling all brainy acts! Super smart kids will want access to this collection because it contains our complete digitized collections of insects. Everything we have ever scanned goes here. It includes a wide range of information about different bugs with scientific names and that sort of thing. It's directed to those young naturalist who what to learn as much as they can about all insects.

Mail in Specimen: True naturalists will want to be able to send us a specimen to be scanned and posted for others to see. So if you what to show all your friends what you have collected, make sure you pick the membership that includes this option.

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