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Membership, how gardeners can learn what they have in their gardens


Attention gardeners, do you want to learn what is bugging you? Membership can help you identify insects and help you learn what's in your own backyard.

  • You can learn to recognize what insects are bugging you.
  • See if you can find out what insect may have bitten you.
  • Recognize which bugs are good, bad or invasive.
  • You can learn about different methods of dealing with insects.

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Gardeners sign up today so you can learn to recognize what's bugging you in your yard. Get access to our collections to see who you have in your garden.
Coolest Insects: With your recommended membership package, you get the added bonus of this collection. It has the most interesting insects we have scanned into our collections to date.

Everyday Insects: Green thumbs are probably more interested in knowing what's eating their prize plants. This collections will help you learn to recognize different families of insects and help you put your best foot forward to get the job done right.

All Our Insects: This collections may not appeal all gardeners because it contains, the good, the bad and the ugly! Everything we have ever scanned goes in here. It may not be the first choice of gardeners because it is so varied. But if you love bugs, and enjoy spending your afternoons exploring them, consider upgrading to include this collection.

Mail in Specimen: As a gardener, you will be very interested in this option. It allows you send in your very own bug to be scanned! We track, and email you when your bug has been successfully digitized and downloaded to the collections. But remember.... no squishing!

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More insects to see
More knowledge
More community
More fun!

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More bugs scanned
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