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Great Cups

Help support BlackHole Collections by ordering and bug cup for yourself or a friend! Our cups are uniquely designed just for Blackhole Collections so you will not find them anywhere else but here!

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Beautiful Bumble Bee - (A)
Fall in love with this Bumble Bee's big beautiful eyes and magnificent pollen baskets. Imagine just how good you will feel waking up every morning to your cup of Joe and knowing you help support nature by supporting BlackHole Collections.

Invasive Emerald Ashborer - (B)
This Emerald Ashborer Cup is perfect for outreach and education. See just how brilliantly colored this little guy is, with his amazing metallic greenish/ blue and gold highlights. Marvel at his bullet like shape, making him small but deadly.

Help spread the word on how the Emerald Ashborer is destroying hundreds of millions of Ash trees across the United States and Canada and order your cup today!


Terrific T-shirts

Want to support BlackHole Collections? How about a T-Shirt you can wear or give friends and family. We create fabulous one of kind designs of the most interesting insects we know using super high quality imagery and artists with the best talent! You will only find our t-shirts through BlackHole Collections. Stand out and get noticed, order a t-shirt today!

The Fly Shirt

Love the movie "The Fly"?

If you answered yes, then you need this t-shirt! It shows the true beauty and complexity of this famous little pest. You've seen them buzzing around your cupcakes, but what do they really look like? Our t-shirt shows you. You see it all....from his big iridescent compound eyes to his sensational nose knobs and gold covered face.


How many gold faced flies do you have to melt down in order to make a pound of gold anyways?

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The Bumble Bee Shirt

Did you love Bumble Bees?

Then get ready to be blown away! We see bees all summer long but we don't really see their true beauty. Our bee shirt almost does them justice. They have beautiful golden mains like lions. So fluffy and luscious you just want to reach out and touch it. They are black as night with huge doe like eyes. And the wings that take them from flower to flower are transparent with an iridescent glow. Simply Gorgeous! You'll get noticed in this great T-Shirt so get ready to shine!

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Outreach and Educational Posters

Want to get the word out to about an invasive species? Then you need to grab the public's attention the way the professional do and use a 3 pillar approach; Visuals, Language, and Action.

Get in touch with us if you want ensure your outreach program has a higher success rate.

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The Goldspotted Oak Borer (GSOB), Agrilus coxalis, is an invasive species that kills Oak trees.

Poster Style= Super

46"(w) x 24"(h)
(116.8cm x 70.0cm)

Poster Style= Large

36"(w) x 24"(h)
(76.2cm x 50.8cm)

Captivating Canvas

Need a gift for someone who has everything? Our one of a kind prints showcase your favorite subject matter...insects! We create some of the most beautiful canvas you will ever see using super high quality imagery and dyes.

A few times a year we release a new canvas based on popular demand. Each canvas is individually numbered, signed and comes with a certificate of authenticity. All canvases are limited editions so once so once we sell out, no more prints are available. Make sure you do not miss out!

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BlackHole Collections Gift Cards

Give the gift of BlackHole Collections Membership BHC Gift Cards allow you to give the gift of a membership or the purchase a gift on our gifts page. It also gives you the opportunity to donate money to BlackHole Collections on behalf of a clients or your best employees.

To support BlackHole Collections, purchase BHC Gift Card and give the gift of nature today!

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