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BlackHole Collections has a number of ways for you to take advantage of our collections. So, if you are considering a simple grant to scan more bugs, or a sophisticated program to engage the public, we can definetly make it happen!

Grants -

At BlackHole Collections, we put your grants to work. Here is just a few examples of how your generosity is put to excellent use:
  Scanning more insects and specimen so they can be interactively explored on-line.
Hiring and training content providers.
Introducing new performance measurements for improved tools, user experiences and search ability of collections.
Improved indexing and educational tools.

Corporations or Institutions interested in a comprehensive brand alliance with BlackHole Collections should consider a campaign grant. In return for a $250,000 grant or more, BlackHole Collections offers broad-reaching promotional incentives such as:
  A special webpage presence on BlackHole Collections' website.
A Unique login and branded website through BlackHole Collections webportal.
Announcements and promotion of grant contributions on BlackHole Collections mainpage.
Press releases and media tie-ins for a joint venture marketing campaign.
Email us at:

Excited about getting involved but can't afford a $250,000 grant but still what to contribute! Learn how "Businesses Donate" and get involved today!
Matching Sponsors
Double the impact of any donation by matching it dollar for dollar. With a minimum of $25,000 donation in matching grants, you can choose to match a grant dollar for dollar or, help fund a family of insects to be scanned. Or, if you want to donate a private collections to be scanned, we can pair you with a financial donor who is interested in sponsoring a collection for scanning. We can match you up with a sponsor that fits your specified criteria. Once the scans are completed, there is an opportunity for a public announcement and campaign.

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