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Schools Can Help

Support the opportunity for our youths to get outside and exited about nature, support BlackHole Collections. If you are considering a grant for outdoor explorations, science, or even a new program, we can make it happen!

Reach Educational Goals

At BlackHole Collections, we help schools, teachers and students reach their educational goals. Here is just a few examples:
  Scanning insects and specimen so they can be interactively explored on-line by students.
Getting students involved in critical thinking with self-directed exploration of nature.
Parental resources for supporting children learning at home.
Self-directed learning by students as opposed to park and bark lecture method.
Improved educational tools for increased retention and better test results.
Innovative method of teaching to maximize engagement and retention of materials for improved test scores.

Teachers or Trustees interested in a comprehensive alliance with BlackHole Collections should consider a research grant, or budget line called "in-year savings". Benefits' include:
  A Unique login and branded website for students through BlackHole Collections webportal.
Cost cutting, bespoke program accessible by teachers and students reducing third party intervention.
Press releases and media tie-ins for a joint venture marketing campaign to attract international students.
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Other Ways Schools Can Get Involved

Here are a few ways you and your school can contribute:


What better way to support BlackHole Collections then by fundraising and performing "in kind" contributions? Create a BlackHole Collections Sponsor Page in the name of your school and get started. Share your school's support by linking directly to your BlackHole Collections sponsor page, and let your community see the all contributions you and your school have done to support BlackHole Collections. To recieve more information.
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Ways Students Can Get Involved

Here's a few ways you and your school can contribute:

Petition a Bug on a Gift

What better way to support nature and the environment than by petitioning for a bug shirt or mug? Your school can rally together to have your favorite bug in our collection that you want turned into a shirt or mug or even a poster? If you get enough of your friends, and family to sign up, we can make it happen. To petition a bug onto one of our existing gifts in the gift shop; simply pick your favorite bug in our collection. Then you start a petition and notify your friends and family to sign up. You and your community can follow how close you are to reaching your goal. A portion of the proceeds will go to your school to help funding.

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Matching Student Contributions

Many schools and institutions support causes their staff and students are passionate about. Ask your Superintendent, Principle or Dean to sponsor BlachHole Collections and match contributions. Your school can organize a school rally to fundraise, collect, scan and identify bugs found locally in your community. You can then document your results and findings. Why not organize a friendly interschool competition to get more schools and people involved. Winners can petition a bug on a shirt with the winning school also named. To receive more information.

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Organize a Family of Bugs to be Scanned
Get your community involved? Create a BlackHole Collections Team and encourage your school and friends to join your team. Together you can organize, fundraise and track a family of bugs to be scanned. You can shared your goals and measure how close you are to your final results.

Become a Content Contributor
What better way to support BlackHole Collections then by becoming a content contributor. Sign up to be a Content Contributor and share your time and support by linking to your Profile page, and let your community see the all contributions you have done to support BlackHole Collections.

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